Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Fantabulous Mini Vacation

 So many of you have asked when my wonderful hubby and I were going to take that surprise trip he came home with.  Well, we did it over the Thanksgiving Holiday!! It was amazing. Here are just a few pics of our fabulous trip!  My husband's family had vacationed at the Outer banks of North Carolina during his childhood.  I had never been there, so he decided it was about time!  The weather was made to order. Low to mid 70s during the day and a low of 60 at night.  A light jacket needed for the breeze off the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  Of course we took our Yorkie-Poos, Riley and Miranda.  They loved it, as well.  If a trip to this precious place is at all possible for you,  I highly recommend it.  The Outer banks is truly a national treasure!!! We are already planning our next trip!
View from our Villa looking South
Currituck Lighthouse on Corrola

Jockey's Ridge State Park
( the ever changing sand dunes of the Outer banks)
                   Hubby and the "ladies", the smaller of the two,  Riley wanted to catch a seagull!!!  LOL


  1. Wende, great pictures!!! I'm so glad you got away and really enjoyed yourself!!!

  2. How wonderful. Those puppies sure look like they weren't afraid of the water. Hubby doen't look to bad either! ;)

  3. Looks wonderful. So glad you were able to get away and enjoy your holiday. That wind was so strong. I'm glad your fur babies didn't blow away.