Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OMG my hubby surprised me with the best present ever

Look at this paradise!  Isn't it just beautiful?    My wonderful hubby came home and surprised me with the best vacation ever!!  This is the view from my villa.  Can't give to many details, DH says that is not safe to tell to many details.  But we are going soon and I am so excited!!!!  I am so looking forward to warm fab weather and a relaxed atmosphere.  I can already smell the salt water breeze and taste those fab tropical drinks.  Let's see, lobster or shrimp for dinner tonite??  Hope your DH is as good to you as mine is to me!!!!
More info to follow!


  1. OMG Wende you are so lucky!! Wish my Dh would do this for me !!
    Mary C

  2. Looks like paradise!!

  3. Oh man is three to much company on this trip? Beautiful!!!

  4. Can I come??? What a fab DH!!!!