Sunday, November 28, 2010


First I want to thank Rhonda over at for giving me this award.  She really got me pegged right.  I am definitely one with attitude.  LOL.  Please go and check out Rhonda's blog, she is a very talented paper crafter. I am especially fond of her grandma mini!  It is so cute. 
In order to receive this award, you must list 3 things that give you "tude" from everyone else.  Then, nominate 5 other blogs that you believe also have attitude! Lastly post this award in your side bar with a link back to didis with attitude challenge blog. 
My 3 things are:
1)  I don't drink coffee, don't like the smell, make DH brew it in the garage.  LOL
2)  I make the best chicken pot pie in the world!
3)  She who dies with the most designer shoes and purses wins!

Now for the five blogs that I believe have attitude:


  1. haha, your #1 made me laugh. Glad to know there is another person in the world that doesn't drink it and doesn't like the smell! I call it skunk water...that's what it smells like.

  2. Wende, I don't drink/like coffee, either, even tho I enjoy getting a whiff of it when it's brewing. Go figure, eh? LOL

    Thank you sooooo much for the "tude" award. Are you saying I have. . . "tude"??? LOL LOL

  3. Oh, Wende, thank you so very much for this wonderful award!!! I finally got it and have it posted!!! Sorry it took me a couple of days, but I've been so very busy!!!

    I appreciate you thinking of me to pass this on to and, just so you know it, I think very highly of you too!!!

    I'll be back as soon as I can to "catch up" on all your wonderful creations that I've missed.


  4. Wende, I am so sorry!!! I'm moving so fast, I forgot to to congratulate you on the award too!!! Of course, you are most deserving of it!!!