Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have received so many emails asking why I haven't been posting projects or layouts lately. Really all I have posted has been those great coupons for all of you.  I have decided to spill the beans.I am so very excited.  I have done craft fairs for a while now and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have accepted a few commissions here and there, but this is big.  I have accepted a major commission (several dozen) of one of my projects.  I do not want to say to much (yet) as these will be Christmas presents.  So, as you can probably imagine that I am busy making the "goodies".  It is a lot of work, but so cool to have my name out there.  I am enjoying the job, but haven't much time for anything else at this point.  Good thing I have such a pretty new studio to work in, it is all I have seen for a while now!  I will take a few days off for the fabulous holiday and then back at it.  I will be seeing these in my sleep.  LOL.

I do hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Do stop by and let me know what fab deals you got on Black Friday.  I know where I am heading first.  I hear $20.00 lites calling my name!!!!


  1. That is terrific Wende. It is nice as an artist to be recognized. Congratulations.

    Mary C

  2. Hi Wende! Its Barbara in Apex I never did find a way to message you on here without it being public. So excited to hear about your projects! I want you to know I looked everywhere to find that 60% coupon lol. My sister needed it and I could not remember where I saw it at. LOL told her I must have imagined it, getting senile I should be about there lol. Anyway Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and when you have a chance send me an email and I will send you my phone number lifeonthescrappysidestore@yahoo.com This is the only email I check daily lol several times a day usually Excited about meeting with you and some of the other ladies! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Congrats! Your luck continues... Cuz' your the lucky winner of the stamping cartridge! :) Email me with your addy to:
    just_2_ducky@yahoo.com and thanks for playing!

  4. Amazing news my friends. Congrats you deserve it!!! Hugs Kathy

  5. That is awesome Wende!! Hey, I just noticed you were in NC...so am I!! Where in NC are you? Maybe we should try to get together sometime.

  6. Hi Wende, thanks for letting me know about this during Kathy's class. LOVE your site!!!


  7. Congrats, Wende. That's wonderful -- for you and the recipients!! :-)

    Can't wait to see what it is you're working on! :-)