Friday, February 17, 2012

Coastal Wreath

Recently Hubby and I have been enjoying the beauty of the Mid-Atlantic coast.  We try and get away for a week or at least a very long weekend every few months.  When placing our home for sale in anticipation of retirement in a very short time, I thought that a pretty wreath on the door leading from the garage into the main home would be nice.  With all this in mind, I decided to make a reminder of our new favorite place for us when we return home.  I am very intrigued by the rustic and natural state of this area.   With cedar shake shingles and sea oats blowing in the breeze of the sand dunes, I was an instant fan. I have even made a photo array in our newly designed master bath of places we love to visit while there.  Perhaps I will  post some of those pictures and the reclaimed frames I painted and distressed later.  Back to my wreath. The ocean is amazing with the strength of the surf and beauty of the sea life. It is very unlike my hometown of Key West, Florida. With the reef not far off shore, we had no real surf growing up and with so much Latin influences, vibrant color was everywhere.  Beautiful in it's own way. Here is so much different.  Browns, greens and white are abundant.  One of our favorite days while visiting is to go beach-coming and bird watching.  Our little divas (Yorkie-poos) love to chase the sea gulls and sand pipers.  It really is cute.  I used as much natural and dried flowers and leaves as I could.  I added some feathers and a little copper sun and accents.  At the bottom is a birdhouse made of balsa wood and a pair of chubby little Carolina wrens.  The large shell to the right is representing The Scotch Bonnet, the state shell of North Carolina and of course the others for the lovely fruits of the sea.  Hope you enjoy.  It really brightens our arrival home! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Gum Ball Machine

Hello everyone.  I have been MIA for a very long time.  I have missed you. I finally now have time to get back to some crafting.  Hubby and I have finished our home and have placed it for sale.  We are planning a new and exciting move in our lives.  More on that later as things progress.  I made this adorable gum ball machine as Valentine gifts for quite a few girlfriends.  It turned out so cute, I couldn't resist and gave them early. This is not my original idea, I have seen them all over Blogland and Pinterest.  I don't remember the first one I saw, but it was a little different, I put my own twist on it.  If you would like to make your Valentine one, you will need:

1 four inch terra cotta pot
2 four inch terra cotta saucers
1 ivy bowl with smooth edge top
1 silver cabinet knob
E 6000 glue
spray primer
red high gloss spray paint
Sentiment cricut cut Sweetheart cartridge "hugs & kisses"cut at 2.5" out of silver metallic contact paper or vinyl
10 rhinestones (a little bling :)

Before you begin, remove all labels.  I failed to take photos for you, so I am staging the process.  Hope that is OK.  You may need a little Undu or Goof Off, be sure your pieces are completely dry before you proceed.  At this step I recommend that you drill your hole in your saucer if you are using a cabinet knob.  If you choose a wooden knob with no screw, do not glue at this point.  The reason to drill your hole now, is in the event you crack your lid, you have not already painted.  You will need a special bit, we had it as my wonderful hubby recently finished tiling our new master bath. It is a diamond bit, a little pricey, but so worth it.  Make sure you keep pouring a little water on the saucer as you drill, this keeps it cool and helps prevent cracking.  If you choose the glue the knob method, you skip the drilling.  Once your pieces are ready, begin by assembling your creation before the painting.  
E 6000 is the perfect glue for this, it is clear and readily accepts paint.  Turn the pot upside down and glue the saucer right side up to the bottom of it.  Now you can paint your pieces. Be patient.  The terra cotta will absorb the paint.  That is why to use the primer.  After numerous coats, it begins to get glossy and smooth.  Just like gum ball machines from your childhood.  Paint the glued piece and the single saucer.  Making sure to paint the undersides of both pieces.  At this point, if using a wooden knob, paint it in a contrasting color.  I would use silver.  It will coordinate nicely with the contents.  

After your pieces have completely dried, glue your ivy bowl to the top of the saucer.  I found mine at Dollar Tree.  You want to get the kind that has a smooth edge on the top.  The ruffled edge one would be chip prone with the heavy terra cotta lid.  Use that fab glue E600, be generous, and swish it around as you are pushing, in order to create a tight seal.  

 Now really all that is left is to cut your sentiment. 
 I chose "hugs & kisses" from the Cricut cartridge Sweethearts, but this sentiment is available on numerous other cartridges.  I found the silver metallic contact paper on the closeout aisle at Lowe's.  You could use any vinyl or even card stock that is appropriately prepped with adhesive to adhere to the glossy paint.  Then just a bit of bling, my rhinestones were pre-glued and then just screw on your knob.  Add that yummy chocolate and you are done.  Hope you make one.  So simple, but has been such a hit.  I have made about a dozen and the smiles are so worth it.  Hope you like my little project.  Leave me a comment, let me know what ya think! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Life is a Picnic

Anyone ready for Spring and a picnic??? I am ready and have the menu planned, all I need are photos of the fun event. This album was inspired by Laura from Following the Paper Trail.  She is a terrifically talented paper artist, but, she never uses her cricut!!!  I say, isn't that why we have our cricut, so we don't have to cut by hand!!!  So, with this album, I used her idea and incorporated my expression into the project.  I am super pleased with the results.  Cartridges used were Doodle Charms, Block Party, Just Because Cards and Potpourri Basket.  There are lots of these images on many carts.  
On the cover I used purchased silk flowers and a button of a ladybug.  All elements are tags that open with places for journaling.  I did add a cover element, this was a stamp that makes a basket, I inked it and added primas plus a bumble bee button to give it some interest.  I added glossy accents to the ants on the grass pockets, to resemble the shiny aspect of real ants.  Each page also has a pocket for two 4x6 photos.  Mats on the backside of each page are 4x6 printed paper of ants on a table cloth.  I have added Tim Holtz distressing inks on the basket for detail in vintage photo and on the mats and every where else that I think needed it, peeled paint, to resemble grass stains.  Along the way are a few embossing folders and Stickles where needed.  Fabric for hanging out of basket and the main cover of mini album is a baby blue cotton blend gingham, cut with pinking shears, to prevent unraveling.  This was such a fun album to make, my second from FTPT.  I am contemplating which one next??? Thanks for looking.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Award!!!!!

I just received this award from the fabulous Linda at LadybugLair.  Thank you so much Linda!!!! So very kind of you to think of me with this award.  Thanks, again!  Now to follow the rules of accepting this award. 

The rules in accepting this award are:

1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. List 3 things you love about yourself.
3. Post a picture you love on your blog.
4. Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.

3 things I love:

I love my wonderful husband, we celebrate 28 years of marriage this October 15th. 
I love my fur babies, 2 yorki-poos and 2 kitties.  
I love learning about my passion, paper-crafting from all the wonderful  artists that I have met thru my blog or theirs, message boards, swarms, crops, etc. 

Here is a picture, that every time I see it , I smile.  It is of my girls, Riley and Miranda. They are  patiently waiting for me while I work on the computer.  This is right next to the computer desk, by my feet. No, this is not posed, they often do this all by themselves.  

Last rule and the hardest, to just pick five bloggers to pass this award on to.  These 5 ladies are talented and sharing with their talents and designs.  I often turn to them for inspiration and never am disappointed!  I know you will enjoy your visits to their blogs as well.  

1. Lisa at Bug Junkie
2. Ms Dee at dees-special things
3. Susan at Susan Bluerobot
4. Nadia at withglitteringeyes
5. Gina at Stuck on Glue

Friday, January 21, 2011


I am so excited that I finished this album.  I had been wanting to do it for some time.  I really like the way it turned out.  Making  paper flowers is very addictive.  Can you tell I didn't know when to stop!!  LOL. I used Accent Essentials Cricut cartridge and Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die.  There is lots of real estate for pictures and journaling in this book.  The roof line lifts off and exposes the mii album.  The pages are flip open and have small pockets on each side. Then there are interior tags, as well.  I used the Martha Stewart Embroidered Floral edge punch for the trim on the pockets, the deep edge Lattice and  Rings for the exterior of the house. There are lots of butterflies and dragonflies all over.  I found the bird at my local florist shop.  This album was inspired by Following the Paper Trail.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wine Cork Memo Board

I made this wine cork memo board for a girlfriend that has an Italian Bistro feel to her kitchen.  A restaurant saved corks for me and I then cut them in half.  Cutting them, I now see was really not necessary.  I was at first concerned that the corks need a flat surface for the hot glue to really hold them in place.  But, now I feel that they would be just fine whole and that the hot glue will hold just fine, the tighter the spacing, the better the hold and the recessed look would not be so much with a whole cork.  I found the glass-like grapes on the clearance aisle at Michael's after Thanksgiving.  The tray is solid oak, that color that look so stark and drab.  Maybe because the corks were of the same tone.   I decided to add alcohol inks in a random dabbling.  I used gold, silver and eggplant Tim Holtz inks.  I like the look, it is a warmer feel.  On the top right and bottom left corners I added 5 purple rhinestones in a line, attached with my irock.  I found round push pins in purple at Walmart in the office supply department.  They come in a nice little tin, perfect to add to the gift.  I hope she likes it.  Off to make some more gifts.  Chat later!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I finished my commissioned work.

I am so very excited that I finished my order a week ahead of schedule and already have it delivered.  Making 35 of these was a major job!  Here are a few pics of the work and the pile of them all wrapped up and ready to go. I was super busy for about a week, saw this logo in my sleep. LOL  I am very pleased with the finished product.  I made these for the President of this college.  Each tile comes with the display easel and has a plague on the backside that says it was presented by the President - December 2010.  When he and I first started talking about this, I proposed the boxing and wrapping at an extra charge.  Of course he went for that.  I hope that I get some referrals from this.  Here is a pic of the finished tile, logo nothing exciting, but it is what it is!!!! And the mess of boxes on my kitchen table ready to be crated and delivered.