Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is the first picture of my "new" room back in action.  I am not totally done yet.  My guess would be about 80% put back together.  It is hard to decide what to keep and what to part with.  This storage is one of my favorites. It is ribbon storage.  It is made with plastic house guttering.  I wish I remembered where I first saw this ingenious idea, but sadly do not.  But, it is fabulous.  So very easy to customize to the exact size that you want and is quite inexpensive.  Especially compared to the commercial ribbon storage systems.  The ribbon fits in so nicely and is so easily seen.  The gutters hangs so easily on wall , as the guttering is so light weight, as is the ribbon. I sort my ribbons by colors and themes, one quick look and I am set. Easy Peasy.

I will have more to show in the next few days, I really am taking my time organizing and thinking about the overall flow and feel of the room.  Hope to be a mad scrapper by early next week.  I certainly have withdrawal symptoms. LOL, I miss playing with paper.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update 3

Who Hoo!! So excited! The floor is done. Over all, I am very pleased. It was a hard installation. That snap lock system is not as easy as 'they" claim. However, my carpenter was a great guy and was willing to work at it to make it happen. I think it is beautiful. What an improvement from carpet!  Can't wait to see it my room finished. It is starting to look like something now. Now Dh needs to finish the wall mount for the flat screen TV and then do some dry wall work where we had to cut holes for the extra electrical outlets that we installed and for fishing electrical wires. Oh, yes!!! I had lots of extra outlets installed while I had the electrician here! I am getting really excited now. But, progress has been impeded, due to my civic duties. Yep, you got it, I have been called for jury duty,criminal court, beginning in the morning. It is for a two week period or perhaps longer, depending upon cases. Just wish me in and out! Let's hope everyone cops a plea!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update 2

Painting almost completed.  Yipee.  Here is my wonderful husband, putting in a new and prettier ceiling fan.  He is so good to me. I am one lucky girl.  I am showing two angles of my room, one from either end, remember the room is 27 x 14.   I am glad that I went ahead and painted the far wall a hot pink.  I think my room is looking so "happy and cheerful".  Can't wait to get back in there and play.  I am beginning to have creative withdrawal symptoms.  We have chosen to go with Pergo wood laminate for the flooring in the same tone as the hardwood downstairs through out the rest of the house, red oak.  I think that will go nicely and be so easy to maintain.  Just waiting on some installation quotes. This is the hard part for me, hurry up and wait. Should have some idea on the final analysis for the HVAC, in the next day or two.  In the meantime, I have been making myself busy.   I have been spray painting all my accessories, well the ones I can find.  My Yorkiepoos look at me funny every time I pickup the spray can. You think they are worried they are next?  LOL.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am so disappointed. It has been determined that my studio cannot be added to the current central heat and air system. We now have more decisions to make. Put a new central system for the studio alone to the tune of $5000.00, or put in one of those hotel type units, you know the kind, the big unit usually under the window in hotels at a cost of $1500.00. Or replace the current window/wall unit with a new and more efficient unit, cost to be less, but not as cost effective. I will be doing that research today!

On a more pleasant note, the painting has begun. The paint manufacturer may call the color Lime Sorbet, but we all know it is "CRICUT" green. Well, a lighter version of it anyway. It looks bright and cheery. Just the color alone will inspire me to create. I have been spray painting all my accessories a true deep "CRICUT"green. They also look happy! I am thinking about painting the far wall a hot pink as an accent. What do you think? Well, I guess you will have to stay tuned! As I write this, the thought of getting back in there and creating in my new improved little creative corner makes me smile.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh My, What a Job!!!!

Here we go! I am so thrilled my wonderful hubby is helping me to do a complete makeover of my craft studio. This room is above the attached double car garage. It is 27 feet long and 14 feet wide. In past years this was the kids bonus room. After they both left home, it became my craft studio. But, it was kinda make shift and thrown together. As my crafting grew, so did my supplies and well, to be honest, it just kinda was a conglomeration of this and that. I recently decided I wanted a professional looking room. Thanks to all those pics and videos out there! A friend and fellow crafter, LadyBug Carrie on the Cricut MB came and helped me empty out my room! Wow, what a job! Thank you my friend. First order of business is to have the HVAC guys over to determine if this room can be added to the central HVAC system. I sure hope so! That wall unit is loud, expensive and takes up valuable space. In the interim, new floor coming, trying to decide between linoleum and wood laminate. Open to suggestions, girls! I think Iam definitely going to paint a lite cricut green with black and hot pink accents. What ya think? Might paint the back wall a true cricut green, if I can get rid of that wall unit! I will keep you updated! Wish me luck! Here are a few pics of my empty space.