Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ultimate desktop message center

This is another one of my craft fair goodies.  These are customized with the school shield and school colors.  The materials are an 8x10 acrylic frame with a 5x8 memo pad and a traditional disposable ink pen.  By turning the frame with stand end at the top, this creates an easel.  Just add your decor, in this case black and red card stocks, a few embellishments and you are done.  These sell extremely well. Card stock and school emblem are under the acrylic.  Ribbon and accent embellishment are on top.  I insert a piece of the coordinating card stock inside the pen.  As you can see one of the sets is more masculine than the others, I did this for a male teacher or administrator.  It has over sized paper clips, that are usable.  Of course the pad is replaceable when this pad is done.


  1. I am so gonna scraplift this. Great gift idea for teachers for Christmas. Thanks!

  2. Wende, these are lovely! All the teachers will just love these!

  3. Love these-- very functional!!! Nice Job!!! you are going to blow everyone out the box at the Craft fair!!!!

  4. These are very cute!!!
    These would be great for my Son's office.
    Or my Grandsons band emblem on it.
    do you mind if I borrow this idea for some gifts?

    Oh....I got your blog from Kathy's U Stream tonight.
    You guys are a blast.

    Oh And I am already a follower. :-)