Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I finished my commissioned work.

I am so very excited that I finished my order a week ahead of schedule and already have it delivered.  Making 35 of these was a major job!  Here are a few pics of the work and the pile of them all wrapped up and ready to go. I was super busy for about a week, saw this logo in my sleep. LOL  I am very pleased with the finished product.  I made these for the President of this college.  Each tile comes with the display easel and has a plague on the backside that says it was presented by the President - December 2010.  When he and I first started talking about this, I proposed the boxing and wrapping at an extra charge.  Of course he went for that.  I hope that I get some referrals from this.  Here is a pic of the finished tile, logo nothing exciting, but it is what it is!!!! And the mess of boxes on my kitchen table ready to be crated and delivered.  



  1. Wow, that is alot of work! Nice job. It all looks great.
    Mary C

  2. congratulations!! fantastic job!! I am sure more jobs will be coming your way soon.


  3. What a nice AND complete job!!!!!


  4. You did it girlfriend! While you couldn't choose the design of the logo, you did a terrific job of re-creating it on the tiles. Nicely done.