Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pretty in Pink!


Don't my Martha Stewart punches look so pretty against that hot pink wall.  I just love the way they look.  I have punch pals for the old type that have no handles, but these just do so well on those cafe rods.  I know a lot of the girls use Ikea rods, there is not one close to me.  So, I am using really inexpensive Walmart cafe rods.  I did add an extra support in the center as the rod is hollow and punches can get heavy.  This is the  right side of the far wall.  The HVAC situation is still in the process of being assessed.  So, for now, unit still in wall, unfortunately it is not centered. Over the unit is those little compartment utility cabinets.  I spray painted them to match.  Love that cricut green on that wall.  Next to that are more rods, these are the ones that have handles or those EK Success punches that will fit on the rods.  Look, lots more space for more punches!  ;)


  1. OMG! I love it. It looks like a store! Can I come over and shop? oops I meant play? LOL

  2. Wow! Those rod for your punches look great against the "hot pink" wall. Everything is so well organized and neat looking. I'll eventually have to do something like that, I have to dig through all kinds of craft stuff to find anything and sometimes I don't -- LOL!!!

  3. And I thought I had a lot of punches. Looks like I don't after looking at yours!