Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update 2

Painting almost completed.  Yipee.  Here is my wonderful husband, putting in a new and prettier ceiling fan.  He is so good to me. I am one lucky girl.  I am showing two angles of my room, one from either end, remember the room is 27 x 14.   I am glad that I went ahead and painted the far wall a hot pink.  I think my room is looking so "happy and cheerful".  Can't wait to get back in there and play.  I am beginning to have creative withdrawal symptoms.  We have chosen to go with Pergo wood laminate for the flooring in the same tone as the hardwood downstairs through out the rest of the house, red oak.  I think that will go nicely and be so easy to maintain.  Just waiting on some installation quotes. This is the hard part for me, hurry up and wait. Should have some idea on the final analysis for the HVAC, in the next day or two.  In the meantime, I have been making myself busy.   I have been spray painting all my accessories, well the ones I can find.  My Yorkiepoos look at me funny every time I pickup the spray can. You think they are worried they are next?  LOL.

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  1. Love the colors. You're going to have such a cheery place to scrap. A green Yorkie...why not, LOL!